Monday, 25 August 2014

Windows 9 developer preview will be released in late September

Microsoft the computing giant after some mixed reviews over Windows 8 is planning ahead for the next version of operating system in its line with the codename “Threshold”.The preview of Windows 9 shows that it features a start menu similar to windows 7 and also a tile menu adjacently in two pane view .The tile menu view seen is Windows 8 is also available and they let the users to decide which one is convenient to them.It is rumored to be that they are releasing preview of Windows 9 in late September. Microsoft strategy  “one windows” for all devices is appeared to be a belated hit yet we can hope that the Operating system manufacturer will fix all the bug and will provide the user interface smooth and easy as possible in its upcoming versions . It is also rumored to be that Microsoft will provide a free upgrade to Windows 9 for Windows 8.1 users  similar to its competitor Apple which chose the policy of providing free operating system upgrade to the user,it is also notable that Microsoft never provided an operating system upgrade for free to users.