Friday, 31 July 2015

How to update to Windows 10 without registration

If you are a windows user who wants try your hands on Microsoft's new operating system but did not get the update notification,here is trick to update without registration.
STEP 1:Download Windows Media Creation Tool(click here)
STEP 2:Click Download update for this PC* or click download for other PC to download ISO files for another PC
* Note: Many users reported that choosing update this pc freezes the window saying something happened(even I encountered that error)it is recommended to follow download for other PC
STEP 3:After that the installation procedure of Windows 10 will be mostly similar to that of older Windows installations.
The above procedures appeared first on the lifehacker website and I tried following the procedure and eventually succeeded in it. I am pretty sure that this thing will work for any kind of windows be it 7 or 8.1,registered or unregistered.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Facebook Changed its Logo Yesterday

The Social media website Facebook yesterday changed the design of its logo slightly that is barely noticeable.John higgins Facebook's creative director told Brand New that they did some slight changes to the logo and the fonts are based on new typefaces.Except the 'f' in Facebook most of the words have gone undergone changes so that people who used to the logo f of facebook may feel like there is no change.