Friday, 2 December 2016

OnePlus 3T Launch Date in India announced.

Oneplus the Chinese manufacturer owned by Oppo released Oneplus 3 six months ago. It garnered positive reviews among the reviewers and sale also did quite well in amazon. Now the newly launched Oneplus 3T ,which is a polished and more powerful Oneplus 3 is set to launch in India on December 14 via Amazon. It is priced at Rs.29,999 and Rs.34,999 for 64GB and 128GB respectively which is just Rs.2000 higher than its older sibling Oneplus 3. With the release of Oneplus 3T , Oneplus which sells phone with the tagline flagship killer,kills its flagship Oneplus 3 with Oneplus 3T within just six months which may cause some frustration among Oneplus 3 users who might feel like their phone became old in just six months. What do you think about this new phone and which one is your pick lets share in the comment box below.