Friday, 31 July 2015

How to update to Windows 10 without registration

If you are a windows user who wants try your hands on Microsoft's new operating system but did not get the update notification,here is trick to update without registration.
STEP 1:Download Windows Media Creation Tool(click here)
STEP 2:Click Download update for this PC* or click download for other PC to download ISO files for another PC
* Note: Many users reported that choosing update this pc freezes the window saying something happened(even I encountered that error)it is recommended to follow download for other PC
STEP 3:After that the installation procedure of Windows 10 will be mostly similar to that of older Windows installations.
The above procedures appeared first on the lifehacker website and I tried following the procedure and eventually succeeded in it. I am pretty sure that this thing will work for any kind of windows be it 7 or 8.1,registered or unregistered.