Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rumours round up on Apple event which is going to be held on September 9

Apple the cupertino based company which is one of the world's best brands have arranged a event on September 9.There is a rumour that it unveils Apple iphone 6 and its wearable Apple iwatch though nothing is official.John Paczkowski of recode said that it had planned to release both iphone and iwatch on Tuesday. Apple iphone 6 which is one of the most expected phone this year has gathered lot of expectation and iwatch in which Apple works over lot of time is going to be unveiled at the event.It is also rumoured to be that it is going to unveil the 12 inch ipad.Apple which has lot of die hard fans all over the world is going to held an event under lot of expectation.Lets sit back and see what is going to be unveiled on September 9.