Monday, 1 June 2015

Fix Insuffiecient space On storage device Error

If you are owner of a phone which has low internal storage or you install lot of apps that your storage spaces run out it gives this constant,recurring and annoying error "Error In sufficient space on the device".This may be due to apps that has been installed on your phone takes out lot of storage in your device storing data.For Example Google Play News Stand always synchronizes the messages and stores it in your internal storage.The news you read are stored in the internal storage.This takes up your storage.If you delete those data you can get considerable amount of storage space.Every app takes their storage space.Apps such as Twitter,Facebook stores your credential information so that you don't need to login every time you open the app.So deleting the data will also clear you account information associated with the app.

These are simple fixes to Gain some storage space:
     First Method:
   1) Go to Settings->Apps
   2) Select the App which uses storage(mostly news Apps)
   3) Select the App and Scroll Down You will see the Clear Data Above Move to Sd Card option.
   4) Select Clear Data and Confirm Deletion
Second Method is Moving Apps to SD card
   1) Select the Move to SD card option Below Clear Data.
                                  This will move some part of apps to the SD card.Most of the apps will have this functionality(except some apps which provide weather notifications etc.) so that you can gain some space on internal storage.

Third Method: It is the most simplest step Uninstall the apps you don't use a lot.