Saturday, 31 January 2015

Microsoft Invests in CyanogenMod

Microsoft, the Redmond based Software giant is investing in CyanogenMod a company which produces high performance and  more customisable version of Android operating system.Bloomberg reports that Microsoft invests in CyanogenMod in order to produce mobile phones based on Android but with Microsoft's services(which Microsoft did in its Nokia X which is a failure).Since there is no report about how much Microsoft invests in Cyanogen it is expected that it invests small amount of sum in its 100million mission.This report came to limelight after CyanogenMod CEO tweeted that CyanogenMod is taking away Android from Google .CyanogenMod's market is steadily increasing in  and it also partnered with phone manufacturers Oneplus(OnePlus One phone) and Micromax(YU Yureka) to produce budget smartphones.Ahead of this agreement we can expect CyanogenMod powered Microsoft phones to replace its own Nokia X.